Every Now And Then

I have loved this song since I first wrote it but always felt something fell just short of the mark.  Now, some 12 years later, it dawned on me that it grows in intimacy and honesty if I switch from ‘you’ to ‘I.’  It was too late for me to change the recording but try listening with that small change in your inner hearing.  It is never too late to name our personal truth.

Sometimes there’s a door that just won’t budge at all.
Sometimes there’s a rusty bolt that holds it to the wall.
Sometimes there’s a lock without a key when hope has come to call.
But every now and then I (you) find the magic of it all.

Sometimes there’s a song that just can’t find the voice it owns.
Sometimes there’s a beat that falters when I’m (you’re) most alone.
Sometimes there’s a dissonance that grates on all I’ve (you’ve) loved and known.
But every now and then I (you) find that magic now has grown.

Somewhere in those quiet glimpses in the outstretched palm of love.
Somewhere in that private entrance into worlds I’ve (you’ve) not dreamed of
There’s a candle burning, waiting for me (you), flickering above.

So when the door is shut and knocks bring no reply
And when the music’s gone, not even a good bye,
I catch then the knowing of the simple butterfly
And every now and then the magic shows me (you) how to fly.